Flash Print Sale 2020

30% of total sales will go to two non-profits I've been fortunate to be associated with over the past few years, who are working tirelessly to provide relief and support to 7,000 families affected by the impact of covid-19.

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What We Do
Work with social organisations impacting the marginalised / disadvantaged in our communities - by bringing knowledge, strategic funding and capacity building to support them as effective catalysts for social change.

Since its inception in
2006, Bansuri Foundation has been engaged with organisations in the fields of education, healthcare, rural development, sanitation, livelihoods, environment and sports.

Covid-19 Impact 

As the pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, the need of the hour was to procure and distribute food items to individuals and families in the communities that we work, including daily wage earners, migrant workers and even those who have lost their jobs or have not received their regular wages.

Coming together for the sake of Humanity, has always been our goal, and today is more relevant and necessary that ever before. 

Covid-19 Relief Efforts
Since the last
8 weeks, with the help of volunteers and partner organisations, over 4000 ration packs, that include essential food items have been distributed in and around Pune, rural Ratnagiri in Maharashtra and village Binola in Haryana. 


Our team touch base with the families we support on a weekly basis to ensure that counselling, educational activities, access to correct information and emotional support are provided. We continue to receive requests for support and these are closely examined to determine those in dire need. 

What We Do
Work with children from low-income government and private schools through innovative football, music and Lego programs to develop important life skills and become leaders.

Each program, Music BastiJust For Kicks and Build Maya is carefully designed to enable children to collaborate, reflect on and connect first-hand experiences and learnings from the classroom or playground with their real lives.

Covid-19 Impact

As of today, our children are out of school, and their families are struggling through the current times as most of them are daily wage earners and/or migrants. Our communities are facing a shortage of food and other essentials.

The current scenario of unemployment and uncertainty about the future is leading to various forms of physical, mental and emotional stress for these children and their families.  


Covid-19 Relief Efforts
We are working towards distributing food kits containing wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, spices, tea, sugar, salt, snack, either ourselves or with help from our partner organisations to 
3000 families in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Dharwad and Kumta.

Our teachers are conducting weekly check-ins with 6000 children enrolled in our program, to understand challenges, provide emotional support and motivation, share activities and connect with them for discussion/reflection.

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