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Alisha Vasudev is a 2022 National Geographic Explorer.

A visual storyteller and geographer based out of Mumbai, her practice seeks to explore interdependencies between ecology and human life, with a special interest in weather and the atmosphere.

With research experience in natural resource management and food security in rural India; she uses her understanding of geography and environment to engage her audience in the fascinating phenomenon to do with the natural world. She consciously focuses on the spirit of curiosity and uses a solutions-driven approach to understand the changing climate.

Alisha creates cartographic illustrations that bring together photography, data, maps, and earth science - the pillars of her practice.

She also conducts participatory projects exploring geographical phenomena that people encounter in their everyday lives. In 2021 she launched Fascinating! a participatory newsletter about the atmosphere that she curates and writes.

She was one of 24 photojournalists in the 2021 Women Photograph Mentorship Class.

Select clients: Global Citizen, UNDP India, Purpose, Bansuri Foundation, Enabling Leadership and Ashbee Industries.

Member: Women PhotographDiversify Photo, Authority Collective, Her Wild Vision Initiative and The Luupe.

Assignments: info[at]alishavasudev[dot]com


Photograph by Naman Saraiya
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