Alisha Vasudev is a visual storyteller based out of Mumbai whose practice seeks to explore human impact on the environment, while understanding interdependencies that exist between ecology and human life.

With an MSc in Environment and International Development from University of East Anglia UK, she uses her understanding of geography and environment to engage her audience in the fascinating phenomenon
to do with the atmosphere and weather - a deliberate departure from the critical language used when addressing the changing climate.

She often uses cartographic illustrations to bring together data, earth science and photography - the three pillars of her practice.


Alisha curates and writes Fascinating! and conducts participatory projects exploring geographical phenomena we encounter in our everyday lives.

She was one of 24 photojournalists in the 2021 Women Photograph Mentorship Class.

Select clients: Global Citizen, UNDP India, Purpose, Bansuri Foundation, Enabling Leadership and Ashbee Industries.

Member: Diversify Photo, Authority Collective, Her Wild Vision Initiative and The Luupe.

Assignments: info[at]


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