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This participatory newsletter is for all of you wonderful cloud watchers out there who take the time to observe, document and share photographs of the sky above you, with me on a weekly basis.

The dynamic nature of the atmosphere is fascinating to say the least and I'd love for you to participate and contribute to this newsletter with your observations of the sky!

Submit one photo of an interesting cloud formation or a skyscape you've witnessed recently, along with the location and a short caption for it to be featured in the first edition of the newsletter!

Nope you don't need to be a photographer, just a cloud lover or curious about the atmosphere and our environment. All ages and locations welcome :)

And in case you're wondering - yes, there will be one short cloud demystification write up by me in every edition.

Subscribe and submit below, I can not wait to see your photographs and watch this community grow!

Accepting submissions: Issue II





Please submit only one best photograph per issue. Submissions are currently open.

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