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Flying Stranded Citizens Home


May 7, 2020. As countries across the world were scrambling to make sense of our collective new reality, Captain Anshul Shoran announced ‘..I know that your family, loved ones and even the whole country awaits our return eagerly. So let us keep our morale high, we are going home’.


Captain Shoran of Air India Express, flew the first repatriation flight under the Vande Bharat Mission for which the Indian airspace had been opened for the first time in seven weeks.

Captain Titli Thind remembers listening to this very inspiring message along with her grandmother, with whom she lives in Mumbai. The two of them were in her grandmother’s room, one of the last times in 2020 that they sat in close proximity to one another. Captain Thind was soon leaving for repatriation duties herself, having volunteered to fly stranded citizens home from the Middle East in end May.


Published: Flying Stranded Citizens Home Captain by Chennai Photo Biennale
supported by Google Arts & Culture


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