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Mapping Analemma
A Mobile Photography & Earth Science Experiment

Welcome to the Analemma Project!


Have you ever wondered why as the year progresses the sun appears to do a gradual dance across our spaces, lighting up different areas during different seasons?

This is a global phenomenon called Analemma, where the path of the overhead sun shifts during the year. Together, we'll map this movement over the next 12 months!

Annual Path of the Sun Over Mumbai, Indi
Cartographic illustration by Alisha Vasudev, first published  by Paper Planes in In Search of Sunlight in Mumbai 

This is a simple photography and earth science experiment where you will be taking two photographs a month between June 2021 and June 2022 of the shifting path of the sun, which will be displayed in a dedicated Analemma public online showcase.


All you need is access to a mobile phone camera and an eagerness to see the experiment through!

Cost of the workshop: Rs. 3000  /  $40 

Next session: December 2021, Date to be announced.


This includes:

• 1 x 1 hour Zoom session on 26 June, 2021. All about Analemma and experiment methodology.
• 1 x 1 hour Zoom session in December 2021. Go over photographs taken and mapping progress so far.

• 1 x 1 hour Zoom session in June 2022. Interpret & exhibit your photographs taken through the year!

• Monthly calendar alerts to remind you take photographs as per the planned schedule.
• Public online showcase of your photographs taken as part of the experiment starting August 2021.

• (Optional, charged extra) A 6x9" composite print of your Analemma photographs through the year.


The best part?

It's open to ages 8+ AND doable from anywhere in the world, so join in to be a part of this fun earth science experiment, today!

Workshop Leader

Alisha Vasudev is a documentary photographer whose practice sits at the intersection of photography, earth science and cartography.

She is a member of Diversify Photo, Authority Collective, Her Wild Vision and the 2021 Women Photograph Mentorship Class.

With her strong focus on human-environment interactions in our everyday lives, this participatory workshop is geared towards getting you to notice the minute changes in something we interact with most days of the year - the sun.

Alisha Vasudev_Bio Sq.jpg

Registration for the workshop is now closed.

Subscribe for updates on future workshops, below.


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